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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

« The office is a decisive lever of employer marketing. In a logic of consumerization of work, the office has a substantial impact on the quality of the experience-employee, and its expectations are increasingly integrated in the places placed at its disposal to work. The office also enters into the era of blurring and gradually erodes the disruptions between the personal and professional environment: atmospheres, decoration, fireplaces, kitchens, raw materials, plants, even animals, invade offices To create a more humane, more intuitive, more "engaging" atmosphere. According to a holistic logic, the experience- employee will tend towards that offered by the home, to bring more authenticity, heterogeneity, comfort, warmth, personalization, freedom and inspiration. A wellness logic (dry cleaning, concierge, nap, nutrition, etc.) to a wellbeing logic (positive connections, authentic exchanges, autonomy, recognition, etc.).


between flex wellness and talents wellbeing , companies are asking new concept insight their structure to help them spreading a better services to talents and avoid vertical space planning architecture. We were merging the meeting into the atmosphere and not leaving it on the doorstep. We think that « office » of tomorrow will be transversal for big companies as a collaboration with new brand concepts. We were designing for Nexity , Axa and the Anti cafe co-working chain a new model of exploitation for co- working and meeting spaces taking from an design thinking, an holistic approach, the best to get the needs today of companies talents of tomorrow . «


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