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" Creative, Hybrid, collaborative, Earth and human connected agency "  

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As a group of architects, Designers, Art directors , Interior designers, Planners, Writers  and Graphic designers, we  share the belief that problem solving and design excellence are the product of many people, from different disciplines, working together with the customer. We believe that teamwork is an attitude and a willingness to share the creative process.

We provide  Architecture, Design and Branding services with that  new transversal approach.

London - Paris -  Bordeaux - Marseille  




“A lovely project for new geeks of Agrotech-food”​


Tom Team

"We look at the central human well being whatever the scale of involved disciplines and actors."

Logo the tom editions 2023.png

Contact us

London - Paris 

UK  Office : +44 20 86385836

France Office : +33 977 199 505

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