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Frida Collection

“New life, new space, new work , new tool.” 



Tom Paris agency and Hugues Martineau have launched a new line of furniture designs called The Tom Editions. The team's goal is to bring functional and playful furniture designs to the market while incorporating their years of experience in the field.

The Tom Editions' key products are the Frida collection, the Berry collection, and the Swan collection. Each collection showcases the team's passion for design and attention to detail.

"We wanted to fix some lab ideas through our experience and pleasure to design functional and ludic furniture," says Hugues Martineau.

The Frida collection is a modern take on classic furniture designs, featuring clean lines and bold colors. The Berry collection offers a playful twist on traditional furniture, with vibrant hues and unique shapes. The Swan collection boasts a sleek and elegant design, perfect for any modern home.

"We are thrilled to introduce The Tom Editions to the public and share our passion for functional and playful furniture designs," says Tom Paris agency.

Logo the tom editions 2023.png


New work , new space, new furniture  



The new Tiny meeting house 

#2 Meeting Box végètale 4P vitrées  Tom design.jpg


"The new design storage concept 

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