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"The first agency was born in 2001 in London with a story of friends, crazy about design, fashion and architecture. It was transformed in 2006 by mistake of youth, the actors remained the same and we chose our customers. Specializing in brand design and product, we have become a hybrid agency and have evolved into architecture, digital and collaborative systems that already seemed more contemporary, more human, more competent. This allowed us to keep independent consulting missions that fed us trends, knowledge, markets and meetings. In 2014, the agency has completely dematerialized and its members live and furrow the planet in co-working offices through 7 countries and 180 Tomer's. Today we are working on collaboration as a brand. It creates synergies, abolishes vertical policies and preserves for each its unique and creative space, the DNA of the services we offer. A certain independence, a certain lightness  with a certain good sense and hindsight are the essence of any interesting design. We are designers, architects, interior designers, scenographers, art directors, brand marketers ... all free to work together. "  Tom team

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